WHO IS Ben Sent US?

We are Ben Sent U.S.

We are a collective of reformed Constitutional Sentinels instructed by God to keep a watchful eye over the tyrants that wish to strip the American People, We The People, of our God given rights. We are doctors, lawyers, soldiers, clergy, students and tradesmen. We come from all walks of life, races, political affiliations, and genders. We are MANY. We are not sheep, but rather the sheepdogs. We have an ideal and causes in common. Ridding our nation and our government of its enemies, foreign and domestic, internal and external. We bring the disinfectant of light to the darkness to expose the evil ones. We will assist in guiding our people back to being a rightly virtuous people. We use all forms of intelligence and means at our disposal from the spoken word, written word, electronic,  observation, and legal to accomplish our goals.

What we are NOT:  We are not so called extremists that our government has labeled its citizens that believe in the Constitution, Bill of rights, and Freedom. By claiming Citizens that believe in such ideals are extremists is a declaration of war on them. We are not flag waving, rally going, meme posting keyboard warriors. We are people of action as will be demonstrated in the coming days. We emulate Yeshua as when he went out to teach the masses. It is under these principles that we seek to restore the liberties that have been stolen from the American people!

mission & vision

Our Mission is simple. One common ideal that binds us all, to expose and eradicate the corruption that exists in ALL forms our election system that has been siezed by those that wish destruction upon America and her people. If free and fair elections do not exist then those that astrive to be in power will usher in communism. Call it what you like but the systematic dismantling and the slow erosion of our God given rights is what is in play currently.

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